About Us – High Quality Generic Botox San José, Costa Rica

Look Younger & Feel Better!

Costa Rica Anti Aging and Aesthetic Clinic goals are to make patients look younger and feel better. It’s team of very experienced medical practitioners.

We have our own very simple set of rules that ensure our patients get the best treatments possible.

  1. Honesty: We never inspire patients to have treatments that they do not need or may not work
  2. Hard working: We never cut corners, if we’re not going to give our very best we won’t start the treatment
  3. Experience: Experienced staff will always take care of our patients

This desire to offer the very best treatments is both the reason for the clinics success and amazingly loyal following.

Getting great medical staff that want to stay and become part of the team over a long period of time takes time, and having one centre of excellence suits who we are and what we want to achieve. It’s a win win for practitioners and patients.

The good thing about High Quality Generic Botox injections is that it is a 10 minute non-surgical procedure. This means that your appointment will be over really quickly and you can fit in your sessions between your normal activities without needed to take the whole day off.

Your doctor will apply several tiny injections to the muscles causing your wrinkles or skin depressions. He/she will determine where to inject depending on your ability to move certain muscles in your face or neck, since the location, size and use of these muscles can lead to wrinkles or furrows. High Quality Generic Botox relaxes the muscles and prevents contraction, softening the wrinkles on your skin.

No anesthesia is utilized to perform this treatment, even though it can be applied if you wish. Keep in mind that pain or discomfort is minimal. These sessions are usually repeated once every 4 months.