Utilidad del Botox

Cotice aquí o agende su cita con un médico experto que le asesorará antes, durante y después de su tratamiento.

Alex Sterling - High Quality Generic Botox Escazú Injector
Alex Sterling – High Quality Generic Botox Injector

Dr. Alex
Chief Medical Officer
American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine

Costa Rica Medical License Number 11647, Dr. Sterling was born in Belize and came to Costa Rica in 2005 to study medicine at the University of Science and Medicine in San Jose, Costa Rica. Dr. Sterling graduated from medical school in May, 2012 and received his license to practice medicine from the Costa Rica College of Physicians and Surgeons in September 2012. Dr. Sterling has practiced medicine as a general practitioner at Clinic Motor Works, San Jose as an in house doctor, and at Clinic San Gabriel in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Dr. Sterling will be training under the tutelage of Dr. Alex Sterling Medical Director of the Costagenics. Dr. Sterling comes from a family of physicians. His parents practice medicine in Belize. His father is an OB – GYN and his mother is an anesthesiologist. His older brother is currently practicing medicine in the United States.

Dr. Sterling looks forward to helping patients manage their lifestyle in accordance with principals of The American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine. Dr. Sterling maintains a healthy lifestyle and, enjoys going to the gym, playing tennis, and racing cars in his free time.