Botox treatment during your vacations in Costa Rica

Botox - Costa Rica Vacation

Many vacationers are turning to High Quality Generic Botox treatment while in Costa Rica. The No. 1 anti-aging facility for Facial Rejuvenation is the Anti Aging Institute of the Americas located in La Sabana Medical Center. It provides all the common treatments to get rid of those frown line and wrinkles and is strategically located in La Sabana, San Jose, just  a couple minutes away from the Crowne Plaza San Jose Corobici Conf. Center, Tryp San Jose Sabana, Hilton Garden Inn San Jose La Sabana, Apartotel La Sabana, Hotel Grano de Oro, Hostel Casa Colon and Hotel Ambassador.

Botox treatment during your vacations in Costa Rica

Just a short car ride away, and 20 minutes in the office and you can receive some of the finest facial rejuvenation treatments for one of the most experienced doctors practicing in the Anti-Aging Field in Costa Rica, Dr. Alex, member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a group of 126,000 physicians and scientists globally practicing Anti-Aging | Age Management treatments.

Many people enjoy coming to the clinic because of its close proximity to popular hotels. The staff is fully bilingual (Completely Fluent in English and Spanish) and the clinic is partially American owned. This provides a high level of confidence that tourist appreciate when seeking treatments outside their home country.

So what is High Quality Generic Botox in Costa Rica? Many confuse High Quality Generic Botox with facial rejuvenation. However, there are many aspects of facial rejuvenation and High Quality Generic Botox treatment is simply one of many. High Quality Generic Botox is injected into various areas of the face to relax the muscles. In time frown lines begin to fade and even disappear. Typically it is injected into the forehead and around the eyes to soften the expression, reducing fine lines.

High Quality Generic Botox has other uses as well. One such use is under the arm to reduce perspiration. This is common among individuals that perspire more easily and more frequently than others.

High Quality Generic Botox treatments in Costa Rica are common and many doctors are performing them. It is important to find a good doctor, especially if High Quality Generic Botox is combined with Facial Fillers and other treatments. Facial fillers consist of many things, but the most popular ones include a hyaluronic acid concentration of non-animal origin. It is injected into shallow or deep wrinkles using various concentrations of the solution. This is where a good medical Doctor with experience is important for a good symmetrical result.

One of the No. 1 clinics for these treatments is at the Anti Aging Institute of the Americas located in La Sabana Medical Center just across the national Country Club. Under the leadership of Dr. Lizano, all facial rejuvenation procedures are specifically done by him, having more than 10 years practicing in these technologies. Dr. Lizano has also trained in the United States in Texas. Receiving treatment from Dr. Lizano is just like being back home, only you will find that the service is often better.

High Quality Generic Botox in Costa Rica will continue to increase in its popularity in Costa Rica, just like it has around the world. One thing you won’t find at the Anti Aging Institute of the Americas is medical assistance performing facial rejuvenation procedures like many clinics are doing in the USA. Always, only a medical physician skilled in the advances of facial rejuvenation will provide treatment at the Anti Aging Institute of the Americas.

Contact us today for a free consultation and get in and out with a new you in a short amount of time.

Other treatments that aid in facial rejuvenation are also available at the clinic. Some include bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. Dr. Lizano has been practicing Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with Human Growth Hormone (HGH, Testosterone for those with Low-T, and DHEA as well as other regenerative hormone treatments. The two most common hormone replacement therapies that can impact facial rejuvenation treatments include Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone. This is achieved by tightening skin elasticity and increasing skin, muscle and bone density. There are several studies done over the years of the benefits of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone replacement therapies and their regenerative effects.

These treatments combined with High Quality Generic Botox, Facial Fillers and DermaPen micro-needling, offer the complete regimen in regenerative medicine here in Costa Rica.